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I was out for a drink on a sunny Saturday afternoon in London. I was having a chat with a good friend of mine who is a physiotherapist. He was saying to me that since he often worked varied or unsociable hours it was hard to keep a relationship going with someone who worked regular 9 till 5 hours especially when he was working to a shift pattern.

We carried on chatting and the conversation continued on to other things. I wondered in the back of my mind if there might be a dating website that focused on finding people who worked similar hours and maybe help him meet someone else.

The thought continued to bug and niggle me and I had a look on the internet to see if I could find any dating websites that might help him, but I couldn't seem to find anything from my web searches.

I am friends with quite a few nurses and doctors who are dating, and found that they often had similar problems as they work a shift pattern which often includes unsociable hours. This also seemed to be the case for other friends of mine who works long and odd hours in London City.

I thought it a shame that there was not a dating website that could help people in these similar circumstances. It also seemed that you have to pay for a lot of dating websites, even some websites that call or describe themselves as "free" still require some form of payment at some point, which seemed a little unfair and inaccurate.

So I thought that I would start my own dating website, that was free, and aimed at people that worked any and all hours. So here it is! Please let me know what you think here so that we can continue to improve the website.

Thank you

The Dating All Hours Founder

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