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All for 100% free in United States of America

Dating All Hours is a 100% completely free dating website, helping people balance work life with love life

We aim to provide:
  • Completely free dating including full access to the website unlike some other "free" dating sites
  • Allow you to fit your dating around your work life by meeting people that can work similar hours to you
  • Relevant light-hearted dating advice including advice for people who work unsociable hours, shifts as well as varied and odd hours
  • Free web tools and apps to help your date search, dating, matchmaking and continuing relationships

We want the website to be focussed rather than searching for a needle-in-a-haystack, useful rather than a waste of time and helpful to aid those who would like to fit their working hours lifestyle around dating and vice versa.

Dating All Hours is not an affiliate dating website, we are entirely independent. A lot of other dating websites are affiliates or franchises where the website has often paid a large sum of money to have access to another dating database. This may mean that the people you view on these other websites may belong to other website sources, and so you might not be certain of their origin and not be compatible with you. Also the website may be looking to make that money back that has been paid out which may mean that the affiliate dating website may claim to be free but may charge money for some facilities. For more info just put "affiliate dating" into any search engine

We really appreciate any feedback that would be useful to help use build and further improve the website

Thank you

The Dating All Hours Team

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Welcome to Dating All Hours - a totally free dating site aimed at finding someone who is free when you are.
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Completely free dating

Find your perfect match who's free when you are to balance varied work hours/shifts with dating.
* Dating All Hours is a totally free dating site. We help you balance work life with dating and relationships.
* We help doctors, nurses, writers, chefs, bar staff, military, uniform, finance & firemen find love
* Date people who are free when you are!

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