First holiday as a couple

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Going on the first holiday with your boyfriend or girlfriendDating All Hours - First holiday as a couple

Going on holiday is great and going away with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner, husband or wife for the first time can be even more amazing! If it's your first time going on holiday together though there could be a few extra things to consider. Being as this is your first time away together you may probably be a little stressed as you want it to go well and you may want to impress. Additionally if one or both of you work unsociable hours, a shift pattern, long, irregular or odd hours it can be a chance to really relax as well as spend some quality time with your partner.

Where go on holiday and what to do?

The first thing to consider may be what to actually do or where to go on holiday. This can be difficult to decide if you both see a holiday as different things; to some it can be lazing on a beach, to others it can be learning a new skill or doing activities like visiting museums, or visiting new places learning about a different culture, a new language and new food. A holiday is important for everyone as we all chill out, relax and zone out with different things and in different ways. As with all relationships compromise and communication is a priority and it is important for you to discuss with one another what you want to do for a holiday. If it's similar that can obviously be easier to decide and arrange, but at the same time it is not too difficult if what you both want for a holiday is different as often it can be relatively easy to get a mix of what you both want on holiday.

First time in close proximity and living together?

Another thing to consider when going away together for the first time on holiday is it may be the first time you both have spent a large amount of time in close proximity. This can be great and can allow you to really to get to know one another, feel more comfortable together, even maybe have some heart-to-heart chats and potentially what you both really like between the sheets! This close proximity could also have potentially a few downsides as being together alot of the time can be quite intense, it may be difficult to have "your own space" and any arguments could be more intense and animated than you might have had at home.

"Warts an' all!"

Of course spending this time together could also be the first time you have essentially "lived together". Which can mean experiencing your boyfriend's, girlfriend's, etc. general living habits and your partner putting up with yours. This could range from not doing the washing up dishes to leaving a strong smell in the bathroom! I hope to not scare you off by highlighting these things (and apologies if they are very obvious) but if the impression you portray is particularly important to you, having an awareness that you will need to deal with this may help. Alternatively knowing "warts an' all" about your partner is natural for any relationship and is just part if it all.

How organise holiday money and who pays for what?

Holiday money is invariably part of most holidays as they can tend to cost a bit of money, although obviously this is entirely dependent on the type of holiday you choose, how long you go for, where you go and the type of lifestyle you want to lead on holiday. General everyday life can be stressful and a holiday is a chance to unwind so try not to let the cost of things potentially disrupt your holiday enjoyment especially as sometimes it can be the root of arguments. At the same time a holiday can be something you have been saving up for and/or a chance to treat yourself so it is important to get a good balance. Try to be realistic with both your budget and that of your partner when deciding what to do for your holiday and you don't always have to have a lavish and expensive holiday to have a great time.

What about who pays for what? Do you both want to split the costs equally down the middle 50:50, would you like to treat your boyfriend or girlfriend especially as this may be your first holiday together, or are there already habits or expectations in your relationship as to who pays for what and how much? This can be useful to have a chat about before you have to start paying out money so that you can both discuss things rationally rather than potentially having to make a quick on-the-spot decision.

Arguing on holidays

Arguing in a relationship and having an argument is never enjoyable at the best of times and when you want to enjoy your holiday together an argument on holiday can be particularly unwelcome. However realistically, especially if this is the first time you are going on holiday together, it is likely that at some point you may have some sort of argument or disagreement, especially with potentially "suddenly" being thrusted into each other's close proximity and spending alot of time together. But remembering these factors as well as that you're both there on holiday to have a nice time, and actually you both like one another enough to go on holiday together can help to bring to the front of both of your minds an ability to quickly stop and quell the argument or "nip it in the bud". Sometimes maybe we misinterpreted what they said or we were a bit harsh about our view on something. Arguing on holidays can be a difficult and alien environment at first and so giving each other a bit of compromise and room for mistakes can help.

Overall going on holiday for the first time with your partner, girlfriend, boyfriend, husband or wife can be a really nice and exciting experience. There's perhaps potentially a few difficulties along the way you might have to resolve and things you will probably learn about one another, so enjoy it and good luck!

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