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Who hasn't had trouble figuring out if someone you've seen you like is single?! Picture it - you're on your way to work, maybe a bit sleepy from working varied hours and you see someone you like and then....what was that....did you get a look, a smile perhaps or they brushed past you quite close? Of course at the same time this could mean a whole manner of things, ranging from they're on the look out but not actually single, to just being in a good mood or friendly, to them actually fancying you but maybe too shy to do anything about it!

What are going to do about singles searching?

So what you going to do about it? Well to come straight to the point there's absolutely no way you're going to find out if they're single by just standing there. Unfortunately no matter how much we would all like the ability to telepathically know the answer you'll have to communicate with them. By "communicate" I mean you don't necessarily have to say something (although you may speed up the process if you do!) especially if you would prefer they make the obvious first move.

Singles connection

It seems to be common place that when we communicate the words we actually say, actually only makes up something like 10% of what we convey, the rest is meant to be down to body language (about 50%) and the way we speak like tone, speed etc. (about 40%).

Finding out if someone is single depends on if you know them or if they're a stranger. If they're a stranger it may be best to try "probing" them the non-verbal way at first, although these are just suggestions and if you're the more direct kind of person then you may prefer to be more direct. But being direct can be risky for obvious reasons of rejection and being too abrupt and additionally this approach is not of the norm so it could shock the other person into running away or into submission!

Some non-verbal communication ideas:

  • Turn your body towards them in a subtle way
  • Make sur you're looking your best, preen yourself a little
  • Even if your not in a good mood because it's early morning or just before starting work but smile at them could be a strong indication
  • Occasionally look their way, but not too much so as to be staring at them as this could make them feel uneasy
  • Stop using your mobile phone as it might give them the impression you're not interested

Progress with singles searching

Any progress? Yes? Great you can either use this to build your confidence, wait for them to do something or you do something - but then your thoughts might turn to "what am I going to say when we first talk?" I wouldn't worry about this too much, I think it's more about strategically positioning yourself to allow the situation where you both can talk together to actually be able to happen and the words will flow naturally which may come across a lot better and also still allows you to be aloof to minimise embarrasment.

Let me explain myself: as an example you could recognise that they might need help with their bags, or perhaps they're wearing aftershave/perfume that you could breezily ask them about as a present for a friend or your mum or dad which also obviously would double up as a subtle compliment. It's the ice-breaker you're looking for and the rest will follow.

No progress on the non-verbal communication? Just remember maybe they're already going out with someone else, or preoccupied or just plain blind to your "probing"! You could go for the direct approach or just forget about them and move on to the next one!

If you are single and looking for a date, searching singles and spotting other singles can sometimes be difficult and often a bit of a risk if it is not obviously they are single. But alternatively if you do not find out you will never know. Good luck!

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