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Dating All Hours - Online Dating Profile Tips Creating an internet dating profile is your ticket to hopefully finding a special girl or guy. It can be the difficult bit of online dating because normally when we meet in real life we not only communicate with what we say but also how we say it and our body language that goes along with this. Some would argue these non-verbal "communications" are more important than the verbal. However with an online dating profile all the reader has to go on is the words you have written down and your photo. Hopefully this will help with a few tips and some advice and thoughts.

This writing of the profile is also the hard bit because it can be quite difficult to summarise yourself, how you see yourself may be different to how you come across to different types of people. Also it can be a lot less fun writing your profile rather than searching for someone else’s!

Short and sweet or long and detailed?

There are often a lot of people to pick from on an online dating website when you submit a search and therefore it can take a little time to read personals' profiles. A problem may be that if your profile is too long, you don't know how much of it the reader will read and therefore they may miss the key points you wanted to get across. So if you have a lot to say it may help to highlight your key points at the start or highlight towards the beginning of your profile the key points that can be found further down your profile.

Unique selling point

It can sometimes be seen as a competitive world out there so it might help to highlight what separates you from the rest. I believe we are all unique and we all have something to give and contribute although from the perspective of someone searching, if your profile is similar to a lot of other people then it may be difficult to raise your profile from the crowd.

Your online dating profile photo

"The first bite is with the eye", is a quote often linked to food but I thought it still fitting to use the quote to highlight the importance of your online dating profile photo! Often at first, how you’re attracted to someone can be based on if you like the way someone looks. A lot of people may look at the photo first before reading your profile therefore this can be an important first impression. Unfortunately we can sometimes be guilty of making a judgement too quickly about someone by how we think they look before we have had a chance to get to know them. So considering this unintended fault in people may help to decide how to present yourself in your photo. Additionally, although online dating websites mean that the first time you see someone it is on a computer screen rather than in real life, it may still possible to get "love at first sight" by seeing one another’s profile photo, so again it may help to check that your photo shows you how you want to be seen; close friends and family whose opinion you respect may be able to help you here and give an independent view.

Finally it is important to include your face in your photo! Although it may be good to try to highlight your uniqueness with a novel photo or image, when people search for you it may be easy for them to skip over you if you do not have a suitable photo of yourself!

Is honesty the best policy?

In a word - yes, we believe so. Being honest with what you write for your dating profile as well as the photo of yourself can be really important to ensure the expectations of your potential date are at the right level. By this I mean, a date can be worse off if you raise someone's expectations and hopes and then potentially disappoint as opposed to just being yourself, although it is understandable that we want to give ourselves the best chance.

Writing your online dating profile text and putting forward pictures of ourselves for an online dating profile can be difficult for some people, outside our comfort zone and not come naturally. I think it's fair to say no one is alone on this and this problem can always be a good "ice-breaker" on that first date! Good luck!

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