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Dating at work - good or bad idea?Dating All Hours 100% free dating - dating at work You might spend a lot of time with people at work, especially if you work long hours, a night shift, the "graveyard shift" whatever you want to call it. A lot of your friends can sometimes tend to be people you work with because you get to know them well, you may have similar bakgrounds and interests, and also you work similar hours. From this it can arise that you may build close relationships with work colleagues which may lead on to wanting to date people from work

Ok then so you like or fancy someone at work? You think they fancy you, so you ask them out for a date, right? Well unfortunately we all know it sometimes is not as easy as this. Here's some light-hearted pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages, to dating people at work which may or may not help but nevertheless is interesting to read!:

Pros and cons to dating people at work

  • Bad

    What happens if your work colleague says no when you ask them on a date? Will it be embarrassing seeing them in the kitchen whilst making a coffee with the ackward silences and trying to think of some neutral small-talk to make?
  • Good

    Wouldn't it be good if you were a bit bored at work and fancied a few intimate minutes alone with your partner at work to brighten up your day?
  • Bad

    What about if the dating or relationship doesn't work out and you want to break it off but then it might affect any potential promotion? What about if you start dating and then you're worried private stuff that happens in the bedroom becomes office gossip?
  • Good

    What about if you know your boss fancies you? Could it inadvertently rocket your promotion potential? WOuld you worry about still having to be punctual or your appraisal and performance reviews, or having to do those unwanted long hours.
  • Bad

    How about if you want to pull a "sickie" day but then your partner knows you're really ok?
  • Good

    If you're good in bed and you think that the rest of the office will probably find out, this could raise your profile with other work colleagues you might fancy and it can further raise your status when they want you but can't have you!
  • Bad

    How about if you have some unusual habits or if they find out something embarrassing about you, those rumours going round the office could spread like wild fire!
  • Good

    On a more serious note, whilst working with someone you're dating, you are going to get to know them alot quicker and you're much more likely to realise whether or not you really like them. Figuring out if you like someone is really difficult as you've got to get to know them in both the good and the bad times. At work you'll probably see these - when they've had a good day, when they're stressed or short-tempered, if they're a hard worker or more relaxed about things.

Obviously there's lots of good and bad points to dating someone and having a relationship at work. Hopefully this has been useful, light-hearted and has pointed out some of pros and cons to dating someone at work or work colleagues - good luck!

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