6 things you should never do after the first date

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After the first date can be a tricky time because one of you may have really enjoyed the date, had a great time, felt that spark, a bit of chemistry and come home with a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart. On the other hand the other person may not feel the same way, and so not are sure if they want a second date, such is the complexities of dating and relationships.

So if you want to guarantee having a second date, there may be some things that you may want to do to improve your chances of success. DatingAllHours.com has got some great to help with after the first date advice. But there are definitely some things you don't want to do to ruin your chances of a second date!

So here are the top 6 things not to do after a first date:

1. Tell them that you love them

Although it may be true that you do actually love them (and I'm sure there are lovely intentions) it might just be too much too soon. Unless the other person also says they love you, it is a risky situation that if goes bad could leave a difficult, awkward situation which may be hard to achieve a positive outcome.

2. Give them food poisoning!

A popular second date is to have a nice romantic candlelit dinner at home, but whatever you do make sure you cook the food properly! It could all go terribly wrong for obvious reasons!

3. Meet the parents

If the relationship goes really well, I'm sure at some point you will meet each other's parents. But after only the first date meeting each other's parents can be a little too serious and uncomfortable, and it can scare off the other person if they think the relationship is getting too serious to fast.

4. Talking about having children together

Children are lovely wonderful things to have together in a relationship. However, although you may have such a passion for having children and it may be really important to you, discussing such things only after the first date might be perceived to be going a bit quick.

5. Have a dirty house

If you want the second date to go well and if it involves meeting at one another's houses, make sure you have a clean house, flat, apartment or wherever you live. So if the second date ends up with a visit to where you live make sure that it's nice and clean and tidy!

6. Bump into your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend

Bumping into your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend could be really embarrassing, really awkward and just be a real turn off. Whether the relationship ended nicely (are there still some feelings there?) or badly (why did it end so bad?) it will give the wrong impression. So try to avoid this happening by choosing places to date which you and your previous partner didn't go to frequently and don't do the same activities!

In the end though some things do go wrong on dates, so as long as you're polite and try to handle the situation in a balanced manner there's a good chance you'll come out on top leaving a good impression.

Good luck and hope it goes well!

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