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The most romantic things for a guy on a date

Dating All Hours - Romantic Ideas for a guy

Romance may not always be on the top of the priority list for a guy and "romance" for a guy may not be what would be considered conventional romance. But put if you are able to put a little thought into it and you may be surprised how good it comes across.

Romantic ideas and tips

  • Remember what sports team he supports and maybe a recent outcome which can also help on a date as a conversation topic and lead to other date locations
  • Share your dinner even if it's your most favourite and you don't want to give any away!
  • Offer to help him clean or polish his car, which can also often turn out to be quite fun and a good excuse to spend some more time together.
  • Don't look at other men, this is generally definitely not a good thing to do as it won't make your date feel special
  • Send him a hand written letter, can in this mordern age can perhaps be unexpected but at the same time be a nice surprise and show him that you like him as writing a handwritten letter can take more effort than just, for example, emailing, texting or a phone call.
  • Leaving the toilet seat up for him, although at first this may not immediately be realised over time this can potentially raise your status in his mind since this "toilet seat down" position can be a common bone of contention betwen couples!
  • If he's going a bit thin on top and balding a little, don't mention it - he'll know it's happening he just may need time to readjust to it so he may not want to talk about it right now!
  • Being relaxed, "low maintenance", "down-to-earth" can sometimes be a little more easy to deal with, show that you are not demanding and help your dates to maybe go a little more smoothly.
  • Buy him a thoughtful gift, a few dating gift ideas include:
    • a tie, cuff links or after-shave and he will feel special to use this gift knowing that you chose it and like it on him
    • Buy him a nice cosy pair of slippers, although not the apitimy of cool he may be surprised how much he likes and wears them especially when it is cold!
    • If he's into cars and he has a favourite previous car, buy him the number plate from that car to remind him of it can be very thoughtful

We hope these romantic ideas for a guy have been helpful or have been able to give you a little inspiration for any other ideas for romance on your dates or in a relationship with your partner.

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