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The most romantic things for a girl on a date

Dating All Hours - Romantic Ideas for a girl

A lot of girls like a bit of romance, sometimes if only because it is a sign you're being thoughtful, considerate and you like them. We have given a few romantic ideas for her below and hope that you might find them helpful ideas.

Romantic ideas and tips

  • Opening the door for them can be nice and make them feel special
  • Share your dinner even if it's your most favourite and you don't want to give any away!
  • Compliment them on how they look and maybe mention something specific you like
  • Get a table with a nice view can make a nice setting for a date and also be a good source of conversation topics
  • Organise for red rose to be at the table when you arrive for your meal
  • Don't look at other women, this is generally definitely not a good thing to do as it won't make your date feel special
  • Be interested in them and don't spend the whole time talking about yourself. Listening "properly" can be really hard but you may find you learn a lot more about your date or partner
  • Just listening to their problems of the day. This is similar to the previous point, and can be particularly thoughtful without giving any advice because it can help to just be a listening ear to allow them to air their thoughts not necessarily discuss solutions
  • Write a poem, although maybe considered by some as a cliche, a poem can be a nice thoughtful touch, especially as it can take a little time to create one. If you are able to put a little humour in the poem this can show the funny side to you and your sense of humour. If you can also put in the poem some specific things about your date that you have found out, learnt or notice it can show you have been attentive to what you have talked about and what she has said to you. It might be fun, give it a go! Rhyme Zone may be a good source of rhyming words to add to your poem.
  • Buy a thoughtful gift or make them a gift. Making them a gift can show your creative side and spending the time making something and the effort you've put in to it can show her that she means a lot to you. A few dating gift ideas include:
  • you could make a compilation of songs to put on a CD that you know she likes and/or reminds you both of each other
  • have a go at making something clever and pretty out of paper with origami like a swan (more info)
  • or even try your efforts at a painted egg (more info)
  • Walking / driving them home shows that you are concerned for their safety that they get home ok, that you want to spend as long as possible on the date with them and not even slighty expecting to anything else for example getting invited into where they live.

  • We hope these romantic ideas for a girl have been helpful or have been able to give you a little inspiration for any other ideas for romance on your dates or in a relationship with your partner.

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