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The idea behind a date is to enjoy yourself and get to know each other. Choosing a location or activity that gets the conversation going can help as it's not always easy to keep the chatting going.

It may be a help to choose a location or activity where you can learn to feel comfortable with one another so that your date gets to see the "real you" and vice versa.

At the same time you can perhaps feel a bit nervous and a little stressed before the date as well as at the start, so choosing to do something you're comfortable with or at a location you know may help to easy some of these nerves. A checklist could also be helpful so that you don't make any silly mistakes or by accident embarrass yourself.

Additionally it can be difficult to find things to do and places to go on a date if you work irregular, odd hours or unsociable hours.

Classic perfect date ideas

The great thing about classic date ideas is they're the perfect way to comfortably, in a safe environment get to know someone better to find out if they are your Mr Right or Miss Perfect to make a great match.

  • Go for a drink or a meal in a restaurant, pub or bar. Eating lovely, enjoyable food or really enjoying a nice drink can put you in a positive, relaxed frame of mind to allow yourself to relax and enjoy yourself, to be yourself and get to know each other on your date better. But you could put your own take on this classic date idea, putting a slightly different slant on it by just going for pudding at a restaurant or a tasty cocktail at a bar. Being a bit different would certainly be a good way to break the ice and. e a good conversation starter. Also if it's only pudding and not a whole meal, it could be a lot cheaper for a smaller budget reducing any awkwardness with who pays the bill. Could you taste a bit of each other's pudding or cocktail, or better still, get a bigger pudding to share? Certainly a nice romantic way to enjoy a perfect first date.
  • Go for a walk. Meet in a picturesque park to enjoy the views and get to know one another better. But why not surprise your date with a little tasty picnic? It would add a nice touch and perhaps a little extra romance to a first date which can sometimes be a bit nervous. Subtly beforehand find out if your date can't eat certain foods or drinks.
  • Go to cinema to watch a film. This can be great if you both see a film you both love, although the main problem is it's difficult to have a conversation. So the best way to make the most of the cinema date is to make sure you go somewhere else afterwards as well to have a chat about what you both enjoyed about the film, or was it the worst film you've both ever seen which could be quite funny?! Films can inspire, make you think of different perspectives and be really funny. So it may help to remember this to find out more about your date, what makes them "tick", what drives and motivates them in life, what's important to them and what things do they find funny that makes them laugh?

Quirky and unique date ideas

Here's a few suggestions of some maybe less common things you could do on a date, and some of them might be good if it's a special occasion like Valentines day. Keep an open mind about these suggestions since we have tried to keep the date ideas to maybe less common ideas to also try and cater if you work odd or unsociable hours! - you never know you might be pleasantly surprised!

  • Go on a "daylight date" and go for early morning walks and watch the sunrise
  • Go to the shops together when no one else is around and not getting stuck in traffic. Clothes shops, gadgets and the like will help you both to learn more about one another with the added bonus of maybe continuing the date with your partner in the clothes you've just suggested they would look good in!
  • Go out for your 'Friday night', treat yourself and make use of mid-week offers at restaurants and cinemas. Try Top Table
  • Have a midnight picnic in the park by moonlight on warm summer evenings. On a clear, crisp night the moonlight can be surprisingly bright!
  • Go to the local market, enjoy some local foods
  • Go to an exhibition (food and drink exhibitions are good!)
  • See if you can get into an audience for a TV or radio show
  • Go to a sports match or game that is maybe not mainstream and is new to both of you
  • The cinema is still a firm favourite for a date and being able to make great use of the fact you both may work odd hours, unsociable hours or a shift can help by being able to go at different times of the day. Or have an evening in and see each others' most absolutely favourite film that they have to share with you!
  • Combine a date with fitness! Go to the gym together or have a relaxing swim and sauna is especially good if you don't always enjoy the gym and so getting to know one another could make the time go very quick. At the same time, being able to chat inbetween exercises or whilst doing lengths of the pool gives you both some breathing space to chat as little or as much as you want to.
  • Breakfast is an important meal and can often be missed. Go for a breakfast date, and relax and watch everyone else have to rush off to work while you both can enjoy a relaxing start to the day.
  • Get your food shopping done whilst having a date at the supermarket or grocery store! These are normally easy to find, normally easy to park, safe environment and if you like what you see in their basket there could always be the suggestion of a dinner afterwards if it's gone well.
  • Going to airport is not most people's idea of fun, never mind going there for a date! But if it's not too far from where you both live it's open at all hours, there's often places to go for dinner or food and it's safe environment. Also seeing the airplanes can be a great conversation starter to break the ice especially if there is an airport viewing area to watch the airplanes!
  • If it's a nice day why not try a board game in the park? Get a picnic rug, maybe some bread and cheese, something nice to drink, you can just keep things relaxed so there's no need to be extravagant (unless you want to of course and treat your date to some lovely treats!)
  • Is there a boat lake relatively near to you? This can be a great idea to go rowing on the lake and lots of fun and lots of laughs! If don't fancy rowing you can always go for a pleasant walk around the lake.
  • What about food or arts and crafts? Seeing something being made or glass being blown can be fascinating and a new experience together. Or go to see chocolate being made can get the conversation flowing and chocolate can be a lovely smell!

As you can see there lots of maybe new and unusual things you can do together on a first date or any date. Remember to have fun and you will probably feel more relaxed, enjoy each other's company and find you're more easily able to be yourself. Good luck!

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