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Some of the categories of free dating sites

Everybody is difference and people have difference likes and dislikes, different values and beliefs, and different things they look for in a date and potentially starting a relationship. So naturally there are free dating sites that focus on these different personal preferences. We have listed below some of the main free dating site categories to give an idea as to what kind of dating sites might be available to fulfil your dating and relationships needs and desires.

International and global dating websites

A global free dating site is likely to have a large membership base internationally spread across the global with dating members from many different countries. The approach a global dating site may take is to appeal to the masses with the hope that more members means there's more potential matches.

Free dating sites focused on a location/regional dating sites

This could be a dating site purely focused on one country, or one particular state or county, of very focused on a small area but that may be densely populated such as a city.

You may have a better chance of finding someone in your area but the free dating website might not be as popular so there may not be as many members to choose from to get a suitable match.

Hobby or sport dating sites

This where the dating website is based purely on one particular type of sport or hobby for people wanting to date someone likeminded. Often when people meet who have a common interest in a sport or hobby the couple on a date already have something in common. In addition to this the people on this type of dating site may be more likely to share other interests, values and beliefs. Values, beliefs and interests can become very important in a relationship so can sometimes be the key to success.

Music lovers for dating and relationships

Music can be so evocative and influential to people that it's no wonder there are free dating websites for people who love music, like a certain type of music (for example classical, rock, country, folk, pop, indy, the list is almost never ending!), create and compose music, play music instruments or work in the music industry. Music is often one of those things that if one dating member has got common music interests and music tastes to another member they are likely to have a lot else in common, helping the potential for a good relationship and good friends.

Religion and religious dating websites

Religion can play a big part of people's lives and also be influential regarding how people live their lives and the values and beliefs they hold close to them. Religion can therefore be very important to some people when dating members are looking for a date or a relationship. Sometimes people of a certain religion can also have similar backgrounds in terms of culture which again can be a big part of what forms someone's likes and values.

Dating sites for daters working in a particular type of industry

For a lot of people work is a large part of people's lives in terms of their commitments and drives. So it's natural that work and the type of work people do influences the type of people they would like to date and start a relationship. Free dating websites that focus on people of who work in a particular field or certain industry can be beneficial as people may work similar hours, have similar interests. If the dating doesn't work out you may have gained a good contact!

In addition to this it can be hard to find people who are free and available when you are if you work varied hours, irregular days, or work a shift pattern. Free dating sites such as this website Dating All Hours provide an easy and great way to find your potential match who works similar hours to you to balance your work life and dating and relationships.

Uniform free dating sites

A slight aside to dating people who work in a particular field or industry is uniform dating where people have a preference or desire for people who wear a uniform as this can be considered to be quite attractive by some people.

Ethnic dating sites

These are dating sites where people are looking to meet and socialised people in a certain ethnic group. This can be for many reasons including a preference for ethnic groups and wanting to meet people who have a similar culture.

Sexual Encounters Dating Sites

Sexual encounters and people looking for intimate encounters or no strings attached dating can something's perhaps be more focused towards adult dating websites. Casual dating relationships can have all sorts of advantages such as if you are not looking for a serious relationship. However please be cautious as on a website more focused to short term relationships or relationships more based towards sexual preferences, as members may not have good intentions, may be looking to scam other members who may be vulnerable and you need to be clear from the outset what you are both looking for. Don't forget your dating safety

Military Dating Sites

Military free dating sites are good for catering for people who can tend to be away from home for extended periods, understand and enjoy the culture of working and living in a military environment or even if you just fancy people in nice uniforms!

It's great there's so many free dating websites to cater for all the different needs of people looking for dates and relationships. Good luck and we hope you find that special someone.

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