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Differences between paid and free dating

Some dating websites are free and some dating sites you have to pay to become a member. So which type of dating website should you join and become a member of and which should you avoid paid or free dating sites? This can be difficult to provide an exact answer as all dating websites are different. In this article we provide some information about some of the main differences between dating sites that require an upfront payment (or need to be paid for some additional services) and free dating sites. We also go into some pros and cons, advantages and disadvantages of paid dating websites and free dating sites. Read on!

Paid dating websites and free dating websites are actually providing the same service, that is a matchmaking dating service. Therefore there should be no difference between them, is that correct? See below for the main differences.


The majority of dating websites exist as they are a commercial business offering dating matchmaking services. So with so called paid dating websites, if you, the dating member, pays money then the website makes money from you. Alternatively, a lot of free dating websites make their money through various forms of advertising, affiliate marketing and paid "backlinks", therefore you the dating member do not have to pay money to use the premium dating services but you may be subjected to advertising.

Quality of service and dating site support

The quality of a dating site might be represented by things such as the efficiency of the dating membership registration, the response received to website support and queries, the amount of effort put into the appearance of the website to give the site a professional touch.

These aspects may not be dictated by if the dating website is free or members have to pay for services but how much income the site generates from it's commercial activities. If the dating site has more funds available it may use this money to invest in the website to develop it to provide additional services and to provide any needed membership support.

Validation of members and checking of profile photos

On a paid dating site it may be more likely that members' profile photos are validated and suitable. This may be because a paid dating site has more funding available to employee more people to carry out the necessary checks of suitable profile photo and appropriate member profile content. Additionally since members are paying to be a member of the dating site they will want their dating profile to be as successful as possible when they appear in the dating website search results, so that they are not unnecessarily paying for access to a dating website. Whereas on a free dating site dating members may not have put as much thought into their profile photo especially if the new member is only doing it so they can complete their profile to register to become a member on the dating site.

Amount of services available and new dating services being developed

Again the amount of money and website income may be the influencing factor for determining how many services are available on the website. Dating services include messaging or chatting, uploading videos, video chatting, forums and personality matching. However if the additional services are not of interest to you and you don't think they would help your dating search then why pay for these extra services on a paid dating site or have to put up with perhaps too much advertising on some free dating websites that have too advertising to try and generate more income.

Monitored and moderated content.

A large part of a dating website is the content that people and dating members put into the dating website. This may be in the form of pictures, photos and videos or text in dating member profiles, messages and forums. It can sometimes be helpful to moderate content and monitor dating member generated content to endure the information is appropriate and suitable. However moderated content can take time for dating website employee to check and so there may be a delay to your message being upload, such as in a forum which can be frustrating if there is some useful and worthwhile forum chatter going on that you want to input to. Also the way the content is moderated may not be completely unbiased and so the message could get lost or dulled down. Alternatively it could be considered that if the content is moderated and monitored it will be of a better quality and appropriate. Either paid dating websites or free dating sites may of may not have monitored and moderated content. This may be because it can be a time consuming task and an expensive overhead for a website.

Types of people you will meet on the paid or free dating site

Paid site maybe be more seriously looking for a date, whereas on a free dating site people may be just having a look around. That's not to say dating members on free dating sites aren't seriously looking to date, it's just it may be a higher proportion of members on a free dating site are more likely to be commuting to dating since they are not committing any money by not having to pay to get entry to the dating site. At the same time if you are the kind of person who isn't necessarily looking to date but would like to go on a date if the right person came along then a free dating site may be better for you so you don't have to commit to paying a monthly fee.

Variety of dating site members

You may be more likely to get a larger variety and choice of people in a free dating site, purely again since the website is free of charge people may just join to flirt with the idea of dating but then you may get more members and more different types of people to search for and potentially converse with.

Whether you decide to pay to join a paid dating site or decide to become a member if a free dating site like Dating All Hours, we wish you all the best with your dating experiences and relationships and we hope you find what you're looking for. Good luck!

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