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Online dating vs real world speed dating

First we are going to look at the similarities between free online dating and speed dating, then we'll explore the pros and cons of online free dating vs speed dating.

Online dating and real life speed dating have a lot of similarities. Speed dating is all about meeting someone for a short space of time, perhaps for just a few minutes and in that time you have to:

  1. 'sell yourself' enough so that the other person knows enough about you so as to decide whether or not to meet up with you again for a longer time or for a date
  2. find out enough about the other person so you can decide whether you like them, if you fancy them and if you want to see them again and perhaps go out on a date.

The purpose of speed dating is to encourage people to meet a large number of people in a short space of time who are looking to date and have a relationship, as well as learn some essential things about them and perhaps see if you click or if there is a spark between you.

Learning from speed dating can help you to be more successful at free online dating so you stand out from the crowd. You don't have to physically go speed dating especially as it can be quite a daunting experience for some people but we can learn from what are good qualities and traits to have when speed dating to help your online dating prospects.

There are a lot of similarities between speed dating and free online dating sites because when you appear in someone's search results on a dating website you have to:

  • Look appealing
  • Have something appealing to read
  • Capture their attention in a short space of time
  • have you profile written in such a way that it conveys your personality

However there are some noticeable differences between speed dating and online dating. Speed dating has its pros and cons and free online dating certainly has its advantages and disadvantages.

Some differences between online dating for free and speed dating


Real world speed dating is often run and organised by a company who are looking to make a profit. Therefore you may be charged a one off fee for attending a speed dating session or you may need to sign up to register to pay a regular amount if there is a course of speed dating sessions. Free online dating is often free for the user where the website makes money through selling advertising space. However a downside to free online dating sites is that they're not actually completely free dating

Face to face

Of course with speed dating you actually meet and see the other person face to face. Speaking to someone face-to-face conveys so much more information than just what is written down on an online dating profile. For example when chatting the other person may smile a lot or they may laugh and just convey a happy mentality. However the downside to online free dating is that this personality may not come across in their profile.

Meet people who you might not normally meet

With online dating, you find someone based on the search criteria you enter into the dating site member search engine. This can be great if you are keen to find someone who has specific likes and values. However a lot of people get together who can have quite different likes and dislikes but yet still get on really well. An online dating site isn't so good for this. But with speed dating it encourages you to meet lots of people and people who you might not normally meet.

Speed dating is quicker than online dating

As its name indicates speed dating can be a lot quicker than online dating. This is because you meet people in a much short space of time compared with online dating, whereas with online dating you might not actually make contact with that many people via the website using messaging and chatting functions before you go on a date to find out if you like them or not. Searching using the online dating database can take a long time because you're using search criteria whereas you may not actually know what you're looking for. With speed dating although some of the people you may meet you are likely to know quicker whether you like them or not. At the same time there maybe aspects of speed dating that you find a waste of time because you may meet a lot of people you don't like and only meet one person that you do like and speed dating sessions can take a large amount of commitment to take part in.


Of course online dating sites of a convenient because you can just go to computer register on the website and start looking for the people. You may also live a distance from the city or location where there is a speed dating session being held.

Online dating can be a lot easier to do a speed dating

There are the obvious reasons such as you don't have to leave the comfort of your computer but also online dating can be easier because speed dating can be quite daunting. At the speed dating session you're meeting a lot of people in a short space of time and you need to strike up a conversation straightaway to show yourself to be interesting and at the same time trying to understand and figure out if you're interested in the other party.


It can be sometimes quite boring to sat in front of your computer and a bit antisocial. It can be boring because you're just looking through lots of members trying to find out if you might like the person from reading the profile and looking at their photo. Although speed dating can potentially be a bit daunting it can be quite fun to meet lots of people who have got different interests and lots of different types of personalities.


Searching with online dating websites can be quite harsh and brutal. This is because you're getting judged mainly on your profile picture and some of it on what you've written in your profile that you might not be very good at doing. Whereas if you meet people in the flesh, the people may more like your personality. You may have a better success rate finding people that you like and that you really fancy, and also they may not have chosen you to chat with through search on an online dating website and judging you purely on your written profile and profile picture especially if you don't tend to be very photogenic, but in them meeting you, it's brings out your personality which they are attracted to.

Whether you choose to go speed dating and use free online dating sites to compliment your dating search as well, or choose to do online dating instead of speed dating can bring lots of different aspects and pros and cons to the different methods of finding someone you like. We wish you all the best and may you find someone who is a great match for you.

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