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Working varied, irregular, shift and odd hours

Dating All Hours - Work life balance and working varied, shift, odd or random hours

Working irregular hours - a good or a bad thing?

We all need to work (well the majority of us!) to get money to pay the bills and give us options of what we want to do. The important thing with this is to try to get a "good work life balance". Some may be familiar with the phrase "work to live or live to work?". To some a career / job can be extremely satisfying and are driven to try to put alot into it, maybe become successful or make a difference or feel like they've done something useful or helpful. Or it could be that a job/career is, well, just that, pay the bills, keep you busy. Or somewhere in the middle. So peoples' perception of work-life balance can be different.

It's not all 9 till 5

A lot of people work what could be termed "office hours", Monday to Friday from about 9 till 5. What's good for people that work these hours is they all tend to work about the same kind of hours. However for people that work varied / irregular / shift / odd hours is that although there are still alot of people that work this kind of lifestyle, they don't all work the same kind of hours. This can make it difficult to meet people, to date and have a relationship.

Some good and bad points are listed below about working a varied hours work lifestyle. I am sure there are plenty more so please let us know by contacting us!

Working odd hours advantages

  • Get days off in the week when other people are at work
  • Can sometimes get more money for working unsociable shifts / hours, or the graveyard shift
  • Night shifts can be quieter and sometimes you can get a bit of sleep
  • Looking after your children especially when on school holidays can be a bit easier if you can organise your shift so that you are at home when your kids are
  • Can sometimes get days off that would otherwise be holiday/annual leave
  • Your off-duty or non-work days can be more than two days so can get a bit of a longer break to relax, get more things done or have a mini-holiday
  • You can go round shops, supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. when it's more quiet and when banks are open as well as other businesses

Working odd hours disadvantages

  • Not being able to sleep especially if you have just come off nights; can't sleep if your body clock is messed up or if it is still light outside
  • Can eat rubbish/junk food if too tired therefore can get issues with diet/weight
  • Get the feeling that missing out, like on weekends and bank holidays when perhaps alot of your friends are not at work
  • Have to book holiday off a long time in advance and if just need a day off cannot always have it
  • Difficult to follow a TV programme, TV soap, or series that would normal help you to relax and unwind
  • If your shifts or work hours are mornings, afternoons or evenings it can mean you have to work on more days of the week
  • Don't know what day of the week it is!
  • You can generally be too tired from general fatigue and lack of sleep to exercise and go to the gym
  • Difficult to get into a routine
  • Childcare can be harder to organise if your hours/shifts vary alot
  • You may have to work at Christmas, New Year, Thanksgiving, important birthdays and at other family and traditional holiday times

So work and life can be difficult to balance which you can do better at some times and not at others. If you're single and dating or in a relationship these tips and advice might be able to help.

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