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100% free dating at Dating All Hours get a good work life balance with unsociable work hours

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Dating All Hours is a totally free dating site helping people balance work life with dating and relationships.


Find someone who is free when you are

Great for people who work irregular hours including:

  • Nursing
  • Finance
  • Military
  • Chefs
  • Retail
  • Firefighters
  • Bar staff
  • Freelancer
  • Shift workers
  • Doctors
  • Air stewardess
  • Students
  • Call center
  • Police
  • Writers

Date people who are around when you are

100% free dating at Dating All Hours Get a good work life balance

Search members who work varied hours to fit your dating around your work


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Tips, advice and guides to help balance your work, dating, relationships and lifestyle

Dating All Hours - 100% free date searching tips, advice, info, articlesSeeking and Searching

Help, advice and some useful tools to help your date search

Dating All Hours - 100% Free dating tips, advice, info, articlesDating and Matchmaking

Tips and advice about dating and when going on dates

Dating All Hours - 100% free relationship tips, advice, info, articlesRelationships and Connecting

Advice and guidance for a relationship, from going on holiday together to getting married

Welcome to the Totally FREE Dating All Hours and thank you for visiting us!

So what is Dating All Hours all about?

Well mainly two things:
  • a free dating site to bring you totally free dating so that you can hopefully find someone you quite like
  • AND search for someone who works similar hours to you so that they are free and available when you are.
    • So if you work varied or odd hours, for example, like a writer might do, or have to work shifts like a nurse or a firefighter, or maybe work long hours in finance, or only work evenings like some bar staff or work most weekends if in retail etc. it can be hard to meet people that are free to spend time with you when you're not working.
    • This is where Dating All Hours can be really helpful by searching for people that work similar hours to you.

So what does Dating All Hours provide?

Again mainly two things:
  • a free dating database for you to search for a suitable match for free as well as creating a profile by entering your details for people to find you
  • AND extensive useful relevant articles and tools to give tips and advice about searching for a date, matchmaking and going on dates, and developing your relationships and connections.

What does the free Dating All Hours site give you that other free dating sites don't?

A number of things including:
  • A fresh approach to the design of the website for better usability and to help you easily find what you're looking for
  • Dating All Hours is not an affiliate dating website, we are entirely independent. More info
  • Use your Facebook profile photo or upload photos from your mobile cellphone to use for your Dating All Hours membership profile picture
  • Dating All Hours really is genuinely totally free dating where you don't have to pay anything, don't need a credit card and there are no hidden charges.
  • More benefits of the Dating All Hours free membership

We hope you enjoy your visit to this free dating site

...and good luck with your dating and relationships and hope you are successful in finding someone!

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  •       #1 Headline: I AM IN EVERY SENSE A GENTLE MAN
    Favourite place/activity: church
    Work hours: "9 till 5"
    Online: Last week      
  •       #2 Headline: I AM LOOKING FOR A REAL MAN
    Favourite place/activity: san diego
    Work hours: Mornings
    Online: Last week      
  •       #3 Headline: looking for my treasure
    Favourite place/activity: anywhere
    Work hours: Varies from day to day
    Online: Last week      
  •       #4 Headline: A quiet gamer who values compassion and laughter
    Favourite place/activity: at home watching anime
    Work hours: "9 till 5"
    Online: 2 days ago      
  •       #5 Headline: Good to bee here
    Favourite place/activity: Theater
    Work hours: Flexible
    Online: Earlier this week      
  •       #6 Headline: woweeeeeee canny wait
    Favourite place/activity: ireland
    Work hours: Flexible
    Online: 2 days ago      
  •       #7 Headline: Looking for that special someone
    Favourite place/activity: Listening to music
    Work hours: Short days
    Online: Earlier this week      
  •       #8 Headline: NO HEAD GAMES
    Favourite place/activity: reading swimming and dancing
    Work hours: Mornings
    Online: Yesterday      
  •       #9 Headline: A pleasure to meet you
    Favourite place/activity: Cooking anywhere!
    Work hours: Other working hours not listed
    Online: Last week      
  •       #10 Headline: seek happiness
    Favourite place/activity: macdonalds
    Work hours: Flexible
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    Favourite place/activity: being
    Work hours: Nights
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  •       #13 Headline: I AM IN EVERY SENSE A GENTLE MAN
    Favourite place/activity: church
    Work hours: "9 till 5"
    Online: Last week      
  •       #14 Headline: Night shift guy looking for someone
    Favourite place/activity: Home
    Work hours: Nights
    Online: Earlier this week      
  •       #15 Headline: say hi
    Favourite place/activity: gym
    Work hours: Flexible
    Online: Earlier this week      
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